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About Us

Our Staff

At ASMAC, you can be assured that your job is in the hands of highly-qualified practitioners with many years of hands-on experience, backed by the best facilities and reliable universities’ support.

Our Technical Team

Tony KOO   BSc, MPhil (Materials Science & Engineering)

Operations Manager & Consultant

Tony received his BSc (1stHons.) and MPhil from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Materials Science and Engineering. He has worked in the AMES Laboratory in Iowa State of the USA for setting up a Non-Destructive Evaluation setup using the Barkhausen Effect. His research interests focus on decorative and hard PVD coatings development by Closed Field Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering, Facing Target Sputtering as well as Photo Emission Monitoring Techniques. He is also dedicated to thin film chemical analysis and tribology study.

Prior to his current role at ASMAC, Tony worked at the Advanced Surface Technology Development Centre of Hong Kong Productivity Council as a consultant, leading a team to provide one-stop consultancy service on Ion Plating production line setup, process control as well as new coating development and evaluation. Much of his career has been focused on solving materials-related issues for the industry sector and formulating projects to promote the advancement of materials-related technology. During his service at HKPC, he organized study missions for local industrialists to visit coating companies and research institutes in Europe, and he set up vacuum instruments in HKPC for thin film development, potentially for medical device usage, and introduced to the local industry section a German advanced low pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition setup.

Since Tony joined ASMAC in 2008 as an Operations Manager, he has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, business development and customer service. Tony actively participates in ideation on all client projects, monitoring and following up the whole testing cycle to ensure that the unique needs of each client are addressed. He is also responsible for our alliance with external laboratories for sustainable development on new analysis techniques.

Christy CHONG BSc, MPhil, PhD (Microsystems Engineering)

Analytical Consultant

Christy received her BSc and MPhil in Materials Science and Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and her PhD in Microsystems Engineering from University of Freiburg (Germany). Her research interests focus on thin film and nanostructure development by ALD and PVD and the corresponding microstructure, mechanical and magnetic studies.

Before her PhD studies, Christy worked as Project Engineer in Advanced Packaging Technology Limited, specializing in transferring LED fabrication process from laboratory to production, as well as carrying out reverse engineering of LED. Christy then joined the Max Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics as Research Assistant to develop ALD of magnetic oxides and AAO for magnetic nanostructure.

After obtaining her PhD in Germany, Christy was recruited by the Institute of Materials and Research Engineering (Singapore) as Scientist, leading research projects in ALD and carrying out R&D in 2D materials and nanoimprint lithography.

At ASMAC, Christy mainly handles case studies using various analytical techniques including different types of electron microscopes, scanning profilers, optical and energy dispersive spectroscopies. She is also experienced in handling thermal analysis for polymeric materials as well as crystal analysis using X-ray diffraction techniques. At the same time, she is responsible for maintaining the quality system of the company and she was assigned the duty as the quality manager.

Barnabus NG    Dip (Chemical Technology)


Barnabas received his Diploma from the Chai Wan Technical Institute in Chemical Technology. This programme aims to provide professional chemical knowledge and practical analytical skills in the key areas of chemical technology including production quality control and product safety analysis.

Barnabas was previously worked in Hong Kong Petrochemical Co. Ltd. for twelve years as senior quality control technician. Hong Kong Petrochemical Co. Ltd. is one of the leading companies in manufacturing and selling polystyrene resin in Hong Kong and in Mainland China. Barnabas was responsible for raw materials quality control tests, as well as the environmental inspection during the manufacturing process so as to ensure zero gaseous, liquid & solid wastes emission or pollution.

Barnabas joined ASMAC in 2011 as Technician in our Analytical Group to assist in sample preparation, testing setup, and take care of several quality control material tests.