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Electronics and PCB

Solving materials-related issues is of great importance to Electronics and PCB industries. In this regard, ASMAC has a long history in assisting electroplating chemical suppliers, lead frame manufacturers, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) manufacturers, microchips developers and electronics assemblers in China and Hong Kong to address their materials-related concerns.

Much of our work involves identifying residues and contaminants associated with plating on lead frame and PCBs, as well as electroplating layer evaluation. We also help assemblers with quality control issues by examining defective solder joints and corrosion sites. Companies that are active in research and development of electronics components such as CCFLs, new plating chemicals as well as PCBs also benefit from ASMAC’s expertise in various ways, such as evaluation of prototype devices.

Application Examples

  • Cross-sectional analysis of plating thickness distribution on PCBs with ultra thin plating layer down to several tens nanometer
  • Grain structure evaluation of gold plating at cross-section
  • Surface contamination study of plating on PCBs with stain
  • Analysis of process cleaning contaminants
  • Determination of alloy content in gold alloy plating scrap samples
  • Surface hardness measurement on gold and nickel plating on PCBs
  • Measurement of Electroless Nickel hardness at cross-section
  • Examination of incomplete gold layer that provides a pathway for corrosion of copper contacts on PCBs
  • Bond pad de-lamination study
  • Investigations of stains and discolorations on solder mask of printed circuit boards
  • Precision IC cross-sectioning, de-layering, chemical staining and imaging of cross section fine structure in IC
  • Imaging of multilayer GaAlAs wafers
  • Ultra-shallow depth profiles of boron implants in silicon wafers
  • Roughness determination of solder mask and plating on PCBs
  • Anions concentration on PCB bare boards with finishing
  • Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion measurement of Invar and multi-layers PCB samples
  • Pore size study of lithium ion battery membrane
  • Surface composition analysis of blackened CCFL tube
  • Elemental analysis to determine the copper zinc distribution at soldered joints
  • Observation of voids and cracks at chemically polished brazing joints for brazing process evaluation
  • Elemental mapping of brazing elements at brazing joints
  • Studies of additives in chemicals
  • Matching study of micro-particles found in Liquid Crystal

Commonly Analyzed Parts

  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
  • Electroplating layer
  • Wafers
  • Liquid crystal
  • Battery membrane
  • Solder joints and corrosion sites
  • Electroplating chemicals