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Scope of Service

Accelerated Corrosion Testing

Accelerated corrosion testing is used for various purposes to simulate the conditions that a manufacturer or supplier product will be exposed to in actual service conditions. As the performance of a product is often linked to the service environment where it is placed, it is of the utmost importance that products are manufactured taking the various aspects of inclement weather and corrosive environmental conditions into consideration.

The use of laboratory exposure testing provides manufactures and suppliers with an advanced understanding of the limitations of the components used in manufactured products prior to the purchase and or inclusion of these products in a larger component of final product. This forward thinking approach not only limits the time, energy and income spent of inferior products but also limits the risk of losing market position and clientele and customers due to inferior product performance. In a nutshell, accelerated corrosion testing is used to induce corrosion and failure in a relatively short period of time when compared to corrosion produced as a natural occurrence. This provides the means for decision makers to tweak, redesign using alternate materials, or eliminate a particular supplier with inferior products altogether.

Accelerated corrosion testing is achieved by subjecting the test components to conditions that are more severe than normal service conditions. This results in shorter lives than would be normally observed. For example, the results obtained at higher temperatures (i.e. accelerated conditions) may then be extrapolated to room temperature (i.e. to the normal conditions) to obtain an estimate of the life under normal conditions.

Since the major purpose of accelerated testing is to compress the normal degradation process into a reasonably short period, it is important that the conditions simulated by accelerated testing, at least have some direct correlation to normal operating conditions. It is also very desirable to retain failed devices in a condition that allows them to be carefully examined to determine the causes of failure.

Through ASMAC, you are able to access different kinds of accelerated corrosion testing that complies with various international standards such as ISO and ASTM:

  • Accelerated Weathering Test (UV-A, UV-B, Xenon Arc Lamp)
  • Artificial Sweat Test
  • High Temperature Storage Test
  • Immersion Corrosion Testing
  • Salt Spray Test (NSS, AASS, CASS)
  • Temperature Rapid Change Test
  • Temperature & Humidity Cycle Test
  • Thermal Cycling Test
  • Thermal Shock