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Scope of Service

Major Elements and Dopants Depth Profiling

The identification of the composition, either in elemental, molecular or ionic form versus depth leads to depth profiling.

The purpose of depth profiling is very diverse. It is typically used during the evaluation of a manufacturing process that involves implantation of materials or a surface layer with gradual changes of composition. Sometimes, depth profiling is also used during the evaluation of chemicals present in the vicinity of a corrosion site during corrosion evaluation study.

Several surface analysis techniques are capable of performing depth profiling functions, but each of them has its strengths and limitations. Some techniques are capable of detecting elements even in very low quantity but only elemental information could be obtained. Others may have limitation in elemental identification, such as being hydrogen blind. On top of these are considerations such as the depth resolution required, the conductivity of the materials to be analyzed, the surface sensitivity and chemical identification functions; all these factors should be taken into account when selecting which techniques to be employed.

In ASMAC, we would advise you the most appropriate depth profiling technique for your unique requests.