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Scope of Service

Cross-section Analysis

Cross-section analysis is employed whenever the inside of a material is of interest. It can provide an extensive range of information such as the layer structure of a plating system, the extension of the corrosion sites from the surface to the core materials underneath, the 3-D structure of a semi-conductor and PCB, the distribution of fillers in polymer and core structure of powders materials.

Before performing cross-section analysis, an appropriate sample preparation technique has to be selected accordingly, as the way of preparing the cross-section could have a decisive influence on the accuracy of results. Traditional metallurgy sample preparation techniques such as cutting, molding and polishing could of course prepare a cross-section, but they may not be suitable for all materials. In some cases, low temperature cleaving is more appropriate, while in others the removal of surface materials using high energy ion beams is necessary for better grain contrast or for retaining the voids during failure analysis.

In ASMAC, we have ample experience in handling cross-section analysis of various materials, and we can readily advise you the most appropriate methods in processing your samples according to your specific needs.