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Scope of Service

Composition Measurement

Composition measurement is generally referred to the identification and quantification of the constituents present in a material.

A full range of equipments and techniques in the market are capable of providing compositional information, a proper selection of technique require the address the following questions:

  • What constituents are looking for? Would it be singly elements or molecules?
  • Is identification enough for the purpose or an absolute quantity have to be measured?
  • Whether this is a surface, bulk, powder or thin layer analysis?
  • Whenever this is thin layer, what is the order of the layer thickness that is of the interest?

Having identified the appropriate testing technique(s), an appropriate sample preparation will be needed if direct measurement is not possible on the samples. Sample handling procedure such as re-sizing, cross-sectioning, brittle fracturing, grinding, chemical digestion, dissolution and solvent extraction are common practices which must be handled with experienced technicians.

Relevant techniques:

Surface Anlysis:

  • AES
  • ToF-SIMS

Bulk Analysis:

  • GC-MS

Thin Layer Analysis:

  • AES
  • Dynamic SIMS
  • FT-IR
  • Raman