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Scope of Service

Metallurgy Analysis (Surface Preparation, Chemical Etching, Electrochemical and Pickling Processes)

Metallurgical testing and analysis can be a valuable source of information to any industry working with metals. ASMAC can examine samples to detect surface and internal flaws; determine micro-structural features such as grain size, plating / coating thickness; phase identification; evaluate heat treatments such as carburization and decarburization; and assure conformance to required specifications. We also perform root cause failure analysis such as carbide precipitation when performance issues occur with metal products.

The initial step in any metallurgical testing is sample preparation. Samples are prepared using precision cutting, mounting, grinding and polishing techniques, as well as etching where necessary. Appropriate sample preparation is a crucial step in the whole process of metallurgy inspection and must be handled by experienced analytical experts for accurate post-analysis.

Following sample preparation, metallurgical analysis is performed using a wide range of optical and electron microscopic and macroscopic examination methods, micro-hardness testing and other state-of-the-art equipment for composition measurement.

ASMAC has years of experience in handling metallurgy analysis and we also work alongside with our clients to develop specialty etching recipes when special alloy materials are involved.