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Chemicals and Polymers

ASMAC provides extensive physical and chemical analytical and testing services for the specialty polymers and chemicals industry. We help our clients identify unknown polymer materials and chemicals, which can be ingredients, feedstocks, composites, additives, impurities, blends and many more by optical spectroscopy.

Chemicals and Polymers

We are also capable to examine the thermal properties of polymers.

ASMAC also performs various chemical ingredient analyses to surface species on polymer surface as well as additives in solid polymers and chemicals through manipulating a range of mass spectroscopy techniques.

Application Examples

  • Identification of polymers and chemicals
  • Identification of additives and impurities in polymers and chemicals
  • Analysis of modified/functionalized polymers surface
  • Laminate structure analysis
  • Identification and quantification of inorganic fillers in polymers
  • Surface finish and roughness inspection of plastic surface
  • Standard tensile and flexural tests
  • Standard Izod impact tests
  • Standard Shore A and D hardness tests
  • Density and specific gravity measurement
  • Standard accelerated UV aging tests
  • De-formulation and product analysis
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry analysis, including melting point and glass transition temperature determination
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis
  • Thermo-Mechanical Analysis
  • Crystallized phases determination in polymers and composites
  • Chemical ingredient analysis