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Photovoltaic industry is a highly dynamic and vibrant sector whose advancement relies heavily on materials-related breakthrough.


ASMAC is actively involved in the research and development of green energy technologies including the development of both silicon-based and non-silicon-based thin film solar cell technologies. ASMAC also works closely with our clients to provide routine materials evaluation services as well as innovative testing solutions for materials-related issues that arise during the vigorously changing development cycle.

Photovoltaic solutions

  • Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) layer roughness evaluation
  • Seeding layer evaluation for TCO layer on soda lime glass
  • Conductivity and Transparency measurement of TCO layer
  • Crystallinity study and crystal alignment analysis of TCO layer
  • Cross-sectional analysis of single junction or multi-junction amorphous silicon thin film solar cell to determine the multi-layer structure
  • Laser scribe lines P1, P2 and P3 evaluation by FESEM and Optical Profilometry
  • Boron and Phosphorous dopant concentration depth profiling in single junction and multi-junction amorphous silicon thin film
  • Silicon micro-structure study in micro-crystalline amorphous silicon solar cell
  • Determination of the fractural strength of soda lime glass for BIPV applications
  • Determination of the TCO adhesion on SLG by scratch test
  • Surface and cross-sectional analysis of CIGS thin film solar cell to determine the CIGS grain structure
  • Gallium segregation study in CIGS thin film
  • Crystallinity study of CIGS crystal at glazing angle configuration
  • Surface morphology analysis of CIGS layer
  • Qualitative and quantitative composition analysis of CIGS thin film
  • Raman response study of CIGS thin film
  • Elemental concentration determination in CIGS plating bath