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Scope of Service

Crystal Analysis

Crystal is one of the major forms in which materials exist in the world. It is a kind of solid material whose constituent atoms, molecules or ions are arranged in an orderly pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. Some crystals occur naturally, while others are grown artificially to attain particular functionalities for commercial purposes.

ASMAC has expertise in charactering crystals, be they in bulk form, embedded crystals in solid matrix, nano-crystals dispersions or thin film crystals. X-ray crystallography is the common tool used to allow us to characterize the diffraction fingerprint of various crystals, to determine the phase of existence, and to provide our clients a very detailed diffraction pattern of emerging new nano particles for interpretation if necessary.

For thin film crystal analysis, we are also able to analyze the preferential growth directions of the crystalline phases in thin films.

Together with our ample experience in sample preparation as well as complementary compositional analysis specifically for detecting crystals even in traced quantity, ASMAC is able to provide you the crystal information you are looking for.