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Scope of Service

Morphology and Topography

ASMAC offers advanced morphology and topology analyses covering multiple techniques, for characterizing a wide range of materials.

Morphology studies the shape, texture and distribution of materials at a surface, whereas topography focuses on the quantitative dimensional measurement of features on a surface. The choice of analytical technique therefore depends on whether qualitative or quantitative information is required, and when required, both can be obtained on the sample surface simultaneously.

If you are particularly interested in what a surface looks like, we would employ specialty imaging analytical instruments that are well designed to facilitate imaging from low to high resolution. 3-D stereo-microscope and scanning electron microscope are particularly suitable for such application.

When quantitative figures on general roughness are required, analytical techniques with surface scanning features are usually employed. Based on several concerns, such as the area of interest, type of surface materials and time of measurement, we would advise the most appropriate analytical techniques for your samples. For example, optical stylus surface profilometer is suitable for high speed, non-contact and large area surface scanning to obtain quantitative roughness data of a surface. Atomic Force Microscope, on the other hand, could only scan a very small area but is able to resolve extremely fine features. Stylus type profilometry is a technique that has the merits of both AFM and optical surface profilometry and is frequently used in engineering applications.